who we empower

"Our proven unique approach to educating business leaders empowers them to build a great business around their product or service."

Begin your journey to rapidly designing and implementing a "Best-In-Class" business with a "Sustainable Competitive Advantage"

Learn how to design a business with a sustainable competitive advantage

Our philosophy
As an owner-manager of a business you are unique. Business design must recognize and reconcile what the market tells you is the opportunity with your personality as a leader.

Education For Empowerment
Regardless of whether you are a large business or a sole proprietor, don't build an average business, build a great one and we will teach you how to do it.

The market place will always tell you the opportunity and we will show you how to find it, design a business around it and fit it with your style of leadership.

Our experience
We have extensive experience assisting in the design of businesses across the USA and around the world in distribution, manufacturing, service and retail.

Our experience ranges from businesses established for sole proprietors to those employing hundreds of people.

Our Approach

For the owner-manager, the business design is a journey of discovery. It often results in a written business plan. The process never stops because the market place continually changes.

People who both own and operate a business are unique. As an owner-manager, you are a leader. Running your business you lead your family, your employees, customers, vendors,  investors and lenders, and even your competition.

An Organized Approach
Although the product or service is very important, success in business and alternatively, failure, is more often the result of how well the business has been designed and executed.

We seek to empower you so that you are in control and others are not. Build a business that matches your personality.

Businesses Designed
Some examples of types of businesses which have been designed using the approach used in the seminars include:
Restaurants * Food Processing * Hotels and Hostels * IT Consulting Firms * Law Firms * On-line Specialty Retailers * On-line Specialty Services * Environmental Engineering Firms * Energy Exploration and Production * Micro Breweries * Construction Companies * Political Fund Raising * Bio-technology * Nutrition Services * Consumer * Beer Distribution * Manufactured Products * Amusement Parks * Financial Services * Eco-tourism * Industrial Chemicals * Drug Therapies * Car Washes * Music School * Fitness Trainers  * Yoga Studios * Real Estate Management * Counseling Services * Sports Psychology * Not-For-Profits * Social Entrepreneurship * Technology Products * Software * Social Clubs * Sports Talent Management * Marketing Firms * Travel Agencies * Multi-Family Property Management * Independent Consultants and many others in RETAIL, DISTRIBUTION, MANUFACTURING and SERVICE industries, domestic and international, for profit and not-for-profit.