Here is a sampling of what past students have said about the course and Mr. Williams teaching style based upon blind surveys:

“Real world experience.”

“Really useful, learn different aspects of business, great interaction between instructor and students.”

“Best professor I have ever had. Made himself readily available outside of class. Gave great real world examples that pertained to course material. ”

“This course provided a perfect opportunity at the end of my MBA to put all of the course material I have learned over three years to use.”

“The course was in the top two courses I have taken at Daniels (University of Denver Business School) in terms of the practical tools it provided. Randy Williams’ wealth of real-world experience made this possible. I am better prepared to be successful in the business world as a result.”

“Personal stories and genuine concern for the students. Unprecedented availability and access for the student. ”

“Course allows us to synthesize info and knowledge from other courses. ”

“This is one of the best courses I’ve taken in the MBA program! Professor William’s is very knowledgeable and extremely helpful.”

“The course was rigorous and was real-world based. The course walked through the business plan process ensuring functional understanding was attained and that the delivered product could be presented to any business. Randy was knowledgeable and had the industry and business presence required to make this course a true business seminar instead of a merely academic exercise. I feel this should be a required course offering and treated as a capstone course. Randy is an industry expert that imparts his expertise on the class. By far, the best class I have taken at DU.”

“This was a great course, probably the best one I have taken at Daniels. It should be required, it is much more useful that the sustainable enterprise class and several of the other core classes which were basically a repeat of the same material. This class was great at integrating different aspects of the MBA program and serves very well as a capstone type class to finish my degree. The professor is very knowledgeable, passionate about the subject, always accessible and makes class enjoyable. He sets a high bar for other instructors at Daniels. ”

“The instructor was knowledgeable, encouraging and extremely helpful.The course taught me immensely and required me to include all the MBA course material thus far. I believe this should be a required course for everyone.”