Business Communities

To best empower and support you, we have organized our training into communities which will continue to grow with content and interaction with other leaders with similar goals and businesses.

Each community has a series of classes that teach business design customized to your situation. You just have to choose which one fits your needs.

Each course is delivered via recorded lecture with slide presentations.

Save time, money and resources by designing a business with a sustainable competitive advantage(s).

Each series offers:

•  12 Months Access

•  24 X 7 Unlimited Access

•  Mobile Access

• Member input into content development

•  Narrated so you can listen and learn on the go

The Community Experience

To better empower and support you, we provide annual access to content so that you can progress when you want and how you want, without time pressure.

Courses are packed with content, so you will want to revisit them as you continue to design or re-design your business.

ProLevation collaborates with members to create content they need to be successful.

Each community contains courses and lectures designed with actionable deliverables.

Each course has multiple lectures conveniently presented in short videos that you can watch at your leisure from your computer or mobile device.

3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing Business Community

This community provides an environment for designing a best-in-class 3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing business with a sustainable competitive advantage(s).

Design a Successful Business Around What You Sell Based On Innovation, Market Needs and Your Personal Style.

We will guide you through our unique, proven approach to designing a successful business with a sustainable competitive advantage(s).

 What you get:

Learn how successful CEOs and entrepreneurs compete based upon their business design and not rely solely on the product or service to:

     •  drive sales,
     •  reduce pressure on pricing,
     •  create greater profit margins than their competitors,
     •  protect their customer base, and 
     •  build a valuable business that they can one day sell and get what they deserve for their life's work.

You should join this community if you are seeking to:

     •  Start a 3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing business;
     •  Purchase an existing business; or
     •  If you have a business but are frustrated that it is not achieving your goals,
     •  Design your business before you invest in equipment.

Prerequisites for this community:

     •  All you need is your idea
     •  and PASSION for 3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing.

New Courses And Communities

Under Development

We have more industry specific curriculum in development. We develop the content for our communities based upon a collaboration with community members. If you want to make a suggestion for the development of a new community, please send us a note. Check back periodically.

If you are having difficulties purchasing a Community Membership, logging in or have questions about membership in one of our communities, please contact us using the space provided below.

Thank you.

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