how to design a best-in-class business with a competitive advantage

This overview course tell you how best-in-class businesses design a competitive advantage into their business.


People who should take these seminars include those:

• Starting a new business
• Purchasing a franchise
• Re-positioning their business into new markets
• Desiring to take their business to the next level
• Retailers, manufacturers, service companies, for-profit and not-for-profit, domestic and international

What You Will Learn:

• How to design a business based upon your personal style and the opportunities in your market
• How to design your business with a sustainable competitive advantage
• Reduce pricing pressure
• Drive profitable sales
• Create a customer following
• What best-in-class companies are doing

Course Overview:

• Each student will design their business with a sustainable competitive advantage based upon innovation to the business model.
• That innovation is discovered through an investigation of the existing business models and the competitive landscape including: suppliers, customers, competitors, substitutes and barriers to entry.
• Specific opportunities will be identified through investigation of the following: industry, market, and competition.
• Opportunities to create competitive advantages will be investigated through the design of strategies in: marketing, sales, operations, human capital, social responsibility, financing, corporate governance and technology.